Modern Western Christians

So happy and friendly, filled with hope yet plagued with corrupted doctrines and lies.

It’s a shame really. We have been deceived for so long it makes me wonder who can make it back. Back to the truth, back to the original doctrines of Christianity.

But for most of us, its our own fault. Refusing to study for ourselves what the scriptures teach. It is easier to just believe what everyone else is teaching, to just go with the flow,  besides, doesn’t the pastor know what he’s talking about?


You would think so. Unfortunately they’ve been lied to themselves and they are just passing down the same lies to their own congregations now.  And nobody seems to care enough or are bold enough to question these teachings. Why are so many of us Christians sleeping? What’s wrong with us?   Yes I’ve been there too, but it’s time for us to wake up because the time is drawing near.

Too many of us today just believe whatever our pastors teach us. The truth is that many of us are too lazy or too busy to learn for ourselves. This leaves us wide open for deception and the doctrines of men. But God warns us about these days, and if you believe that we are living in the last days then you should know that THESE ARE THOSE DAYS!

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