Welcome to where the “Truth” is the primary focus. If you do not already know, then let me tell you that there are many false teachings in our churches today that must be corrected. Here I aim to expose those false teachings and put forth the truth.

In some cases our most important beliefs have been twisted to mean things entirely different then originally intended. In other cases there have been complete fabrications (doctrines of men). Other times it is just simple misunderstandings. In any case, I intend to bring to light these false doctrines and set the record straight.

Some of these doctrines have been taught with good intention. Others however have been deliberately taught with the purpose of deceiving Gods people. If you think that our enemies are not among us, think again. The Devil has strategically placed infiltrators in our churches to corrupt us, and teach his own doctrines.

It is high time we start researching these beliefs for ourselves in the Bible. Because the Bible holds the Truths and we ought to believe the Bible, not the doctrines of men. I aim to teach the truth regardless of if it’s contrary to popular belief or whether or not it hurts. The truth is too important, and we have had our ears tickled for far too long now. It’s time to bring the truth to light.

These are not MY personal truths, they are Bible Truths. Yes I know some will say that it is MY opinion. However, for those that have an open mind and read for themselves the Bible verses I put forth will see what I’m talking about. I believe they will agree with me and see that there are serious errors in our churches today and we need to get to the bottom of it now before it’s too late. These errors that are being taught must be stopped and corrected.

There is so much error in the Churches today that it is truly disturbing. But why so much error? Why have we allowed so many false doctrines to enter our churches without question?

Well for starters it’s been 2000 years of corruptions that have filtered down through our churches to this day. But there were false teachings even while the Apostles were still here. Paul had to go around and correct these errors, so of course 2000 years later and with the Apostles gone, there is no doubt that there would be many errors today, and the Bible warns us.

Another main reason why there is so much error in the churches today is because so many of us are reading from different bibles. All bibles are NOT the same and we have been overwhelmed by a slew of corrupted bibles that have twisted and removed many of our most sacred beliefs.  To find out which bibles are corrupted,  see my study on “Which Bible“.




But will we really close our eyes and allow ourselves to be deceived by the enemy? As Christians, we NEED to care about the TRUTH. And the truth for the most part is actually very clear yet many of us do not want it, and that’s the real shame. But the truth shall make you free.  John 8:32

This site first of all is about the love for the TRUTH. If one doe’s not care about or love the truth, they can pass this site up. But for those that really care from the heart, they will see that there is a real problem in our churches and will get on board to stop these bogus teachings and start teaching the truth.



I will be focusing first on some of the most obvious errors in our churches today but there are many other less obvious ones that are just as bad. Of course you may select only the ones you are interested in, but I recommend reading all of them. I will be adding to the list regularly so what you see now is not complete. Be sure to check back for more new content.


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