• THE RAPTURE  Here is a subject with several different views but only one can be correct. And why such controversy anyways? This is NOT a difficult subject! Why are people making this so hard? Follow this study and I’ll show you many verses that prove when it will happen, NOT the day or the hour, but in what order it must take place.
  • THE TRIBULATION  We are taught today that there are 7 Years of Tribulation coming upon the earth. It is generally divided between the Lesser Tribulation and the Greater Tribulation. But although the Bible clearly talks about the Tribulation, it never says that it will last for 7 years. This study shows were it comes from and why they say it lasts for 7 years. But is the general interpretation even correct? Can you prove it lasts for 7 years?
  • THE 70 WEEKS OF DANIEL This is a fascinating study of the timetable given to the Jews so that they would know when to expect to see the Messiah, but many people are teaching this incorrectly. It is critical however to understanding His first coming and the future Tribulation. This is probably my favorite subject and I will go into all the details.
  • THE ANTICHRIST  In this study we will go over a few characteristics about the Antichrist that no one is even talking about, yet it should be so obvious. Get an idea of who this person is and what he is really about. This should be a quick eye opener.