2 Tim. 4:3-4

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

This is the sad state that Christianity is in today.

Below are some things that are being taught incorrectly in our churches every day. Each subject below is linked to a full study aimed to clear things up.  All scriptures are taken from the Authorized King James version of the Bible exclusively.

To see why I only use the Authorized King James see the study “Which Bible“. 

  • TITHING  In this short study I will show that we are NOT supposed to be Tithing and that it is actually against our faith as Christians. We are however supposed to give but it is not a tithe and I will show the the difference in this study.
  • BAPTISM  What is the real purpose of Baptism. Some say it is only a sign of our faith, something we should do when we get around to it. But surely it is much more important then that since Jesus Himself did it and He is our perfect example. See just how critical this really is in this very important study.
  • BORN AGAIN  This is a phrase that Jesus started and is used quite commonly today but it’s real meaning is misunderstood by many Christians.  Many believe they are Born Again by a simple prayer but this is deceiving and is not what Jesus was talking about when He coined the phrase. Find out what Jesus really meant when He said “ye must be born again” and how you too can be sure that you are.
  • SAVED  What does it mean to be saved?  Most people today are teaching how to be saved entirely wrong.  Like the phrase Born Again above they are teaching that you can be saved by a simple prayer.  But if that’s really true, then why is there no such prayer anywhere in the Bible!  Why is there not one single example of people getting saved this way?  Are we saved differently then the way they were back then, or has false doctrine crept in?  This study will show what it truly means to be saved and how to get saved if someone is not.
  • ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED  I think this saying used to be more popular than it is today however it is still used in many Churches.  But can this saying really be true?  If so, than does that mean we can just do whatever we like once we’ve been saved?  Let’s see what the Bible really says about this.
  • FAITH And WORKS  The importance of faith can not be underestimated but what role does it play in our salvation and can it save us? There is something more important than faith, can you guess what it is? We know that we are not saved by works, but some are trying to steer people away from any works altogether. But is this wise? Find out what the importance of them are.
  • DIVORCE  Now here is a subject that almost everyone gets wrong, but we need to understand it. What are the grounds for divorce in scripture? There are in fact grounds, but it may not be what you think. I know this is a scary subject for many people but we must get to the bottom of it once and for all. The truth must be told.
  • SPEAKING IN TONGUES  There is some misinformation about speaking in tongues these days that needs to be cleared up.  As Christians we do not have to speak in tongues to be saved.  The Bible clearly tells us that not all will speak in tongues, however it does have it’s place in modern Christianity.  This study will show it’s purpose and usage as intended.
  • A WOMAN’S ROLE IN THE CHURCH  Here is another subject that nobody wants to cover for fear of being labeled chauvinistic but God Himself laid down specific roles for men and women, and they are not the same. Any woman who truly wants to be Godly should not be offended in her role but instead she should embrace it and honor Gods laws. Do not be fooled by the equality doctrine that is being taught in the world today. This is NOT a Biblical doctrine and God is actually against it.  The woman’s role is important in the Church, but lets follow God’s guide lines, not the guidelines set by our ungodly societies.